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Escaping Cramond Island: Run Delores Mackenzie!

Cramond Causeway joins Cramond Island to the mainland village of Cramond, Edinburgh and plays a major part in the opening pages of The Dark and Dangerous Gifts of Delores Mackenzie. Delores leaves it a little too late to make the crossing, and as a storm kicks up she is grabbed by a Bòcan, a restless spirit, who tries to drag her to the edge of the causeway and into the rapidly rising water. Delores is more shocked to see it on the causeway than afraid of it. The opening chapters will tell you why!

Cramond Island is a fantastic place to visit in all seasons; stunning in the summer, bleak but beautiful in the winter. But PLEASE check the RNLI website or the RNLI notice board at the start of the causeway to check for safe crossing times! Don't get caught out! Don't end up trapped and in need of a rescue.

Oh, and look out for the Bòcain......

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