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Yvonne Banham


I grew up on Walney Island where I spent lots of time huddled on blustery beaches with a book or three. (I'm the one dressed as a cowboy in the photo next to my big sister; plot twist... I was the one who went on to train as a nurse!) 


I write paranormal/fantasy books for readers age 10+ and love stories of hauntings, witches, or anything with a touch of stomach-flipping uncanniness.

My biggest writing influences are Frances Hardinge, Jonathan Stroud, Neil Gaiman, Shirley Jackson and, most recently, Nicholas Bowling. I love Tim Burton films (Frankenweenie is an all-time favourite) and I'm a big fan of Netflix's Wednesday

After a long spell in the Netherlands and five gloriously spooky years in Edinburgh, I now live in Stirlingshire with my husband and our very naughty hound. When I'm not writing, I'll either be scoping out creepy settings for my next book or exploring the nearby hills.

Loves: Blue Raspberry Bon Bons

Hates: Coriander

Current Book Obsession: The Undying of Obedience Wellrest

by Nicholas Bowling

I'm available for school and library visits, signings and festivals. Please use my contact page to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.  

Are you a school using The Dark and Dangerous Gifts of Delores Mackenzie as a class read? I'm happy to arrange a fifteen-minute virtual Q&A session free of charge. Please use the contact form to enquire.




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